At Many Guns Ranch, everyone is welcome to explore the history and land of the Siksika Nation. During your visit you’ll learn about many historic sites and travel back in time to experience traditional prairie life in the 1800s. 

Jeanette’s lifetime experience working with horses makes this historical tour an exciting experience. You can ride either horseback or in a wagon while an interpreter takes you through the decades, back to the signing of Treaty 7. You’ll go through ancient battlefields, see a buffalo rubbing stone and view the final tipi site and burial grounds of revered Blackfoot figure Chief Crowfoot.

We offer guests the opportunity to explore Blackfoot culture on horseback or wagon ride or to spend the night under the stars in a traditional tipi. For the full cultural experience, a traditional Blackfoot meal of fry bread and berry soup and traditional cultural dance performances are also available upon request.

Your Adventure at Many Guns Ranch can be customized based on your travel dates. Solo travelers and groups are welcome. Please complete the form below and we’ll connect with you to book your adventure!